Operating Instructions
Disclaimer: Wellcell Oscillating Frequency Therapy (‘Wellcell’) in no way should be considered a replacement for professional medical advice. All statements made by Wellcell are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. If you have a medical condition, please consult your physician of choice. Wellcell is provided subject to availability and prices may be subjected to change.
Wellcell Pty Ltd
Step 1 – Ordering Your Wellcell To experience the benefits of Wellcell Light Frequency Therapy, you’ll first need to order your Wellcell Starter Pack by clicking the Order Now‘ link on our website. Step 2 – Installing the Wellcell Connectivity Software Click the link to download the Wellcell Connectivity Software. Note: If you have difficulty installing this software, you may need to temporarily turn-off (or disable) the anti-virus software or firewall running on your computer as sometimes these systems can inadvertently block the installation process (despite it being being completely safe). Once the software has downloaded, ‘Open’ and ‘Run’ the file and follow the Setup Wizard steps (ensuring you ‘accept’ the Wellcell Terms & Conditions). Once the installation is complete, click ‘Finish’ and restart your computer. Your Wellcell Software should now be successfully installed. You should be able to see the small Wellcell logo in the bottom right corner of your computer screen in the Application Tray (refer image below). If not, you should be able to see ‘my.wellcell.connection’ in your list of programs installed on your computer (either via the Control Panel or the All Programs shortcut on your computer). Step 3 – Assigning your Wellcell: 1. Turn the Wellcell ON (by pressing and holding down the circular ON/OFF button in the center of the Wellcell until the 4 side indicator lights turn on). Note: The lights will start flashing ON/OFF Red / Green, to indicate there is currently no therapy Treatment File running on the Wellcell (you’ll need to continue following these instructions to request and download your initial treatment file to your Wellcell). 2. Connect the Wellcell to your computer via the USB cable provided. You should hear an audible sound of the USB being ‘recognised’ by your computer. Note: The first time you connect your Wellcell to your Computer, it may also download some standard driver software’ to allow the Wellcell to interact with your computer (refer image below). You will need to wait for this install is complete. Please also note this ‘driver software’ is NOT the Wellcell Connectivity Software described above in Step 2 (which you should have already installed onto your computer). 3. After a short period of time (up-to 1-2 minutes) the Wellcell Software Pop-Up Box should appear on screen and automatically redirect you to an internet page to ‘Assign the Wellcell’ to the person who will be using it. Note: This could be you, or another person you are managing the Wellcell for (i.e. a spouse, loved one, family pet, etc.). 4. Complete the required information fields and click ‘OK’ to complete the assigning process. You’ll then automatically be taken to a page to request your initial therapy Treatment File download (go directly to Step 4 item 3 below). Step 4 – Requesting a Therapy Treatment File Download: Software Pop-Up New 1. Turn ON your Wellcell and plug it into your Computer via the USB cable provided (you should hear an audible sound indicating the USB has been ‘recognised’). After a short period of time (up-to 1 minute) the Wellcell Software Pop-Up Box should appear on screen. 2. On the Wellcell Software POP-Up Box, click the orange ‘Request New Therapy‘ button and you’ll be taken to the Request Therapy webpage. 3. From this page, you simply enter all your symptoms and wellness issues you want help supporting and/or any medical diagnosis you’ve received so we can then compile your personalised treatment file based on the information. Please remember to also include feedback on your therapy progress (i.e. the changes you’re noticing), so we can refine your treatment program even further. And then click the ‘Submit‘ button. 4. Your therapy request will then be automatically sent to our Wellcell Therapists to compile your monthly treatment file, which you’ll then download to your Wellcell. 5. Once your latest Treatment file is ready (it usually takes 3-12 hours to compile depending on when your request is submitted to us) you will receive an email confirming your new therapy treatment file is ready to download to your Wellcell. NOTE: With normal daily use you should be completing your initial Wellcell Treatment Files every 40 hours for the first 8 treatments and then 4-5 weeks..It costs no more to use your Wellcell 24/7 and it will only help keep you well quicker. Whenever the 4 side lights on your Wellcell start flashing ON/OFF RED/GREEN this means your current Treatment File has been completed and it’s time to order your next Treatment File by repeating Step 4 above. Step 5 – Downloading your Therapy: 1. Once you receive an email from us confirming your Treatment File is ready to download, turn ON your Wellcell and connect it to your Computer via the USB cable provided (you should hear the audible sound that the USB has been ‘recognised’). 2. The Wellcell Software Pop-Up Box should then automatically appear on screen. Note: You may need to allow up-to 1 minute for the Pop-Up to appear. If it does not appear, ensure that the Wellcell is turned ON, then disconnect and reconnect the Wellcell from the USB cable and try again. 3. Once the Wellcell Software Pop-Up Box appears on screen, click on the orange ‘Recalibrate Now’ button. 4. This will then automatically download your latest Wellcell Therapy Treatment File to your Wellcell and the device will be ready to use. Step 6 – Using your Wellcell: Charging the Battery - Before using your Wellcell each day the battery should be charged. You can use any USB Micro charging device (i.e. phone charger, car charger, wall charger, etc.), or the USB cable provided with your Wellcell Starter Pack (plugged into your PC, laptop or other suitable electronic device). When you charge your Wellcell a GREEN light will illuminate from the clear ON/OFF Button in the centre of the Wellcell while in charge mode. Once this GREEN light goes OFF (or doesn’t illuminates when plugged into a charger), there is ‘sufficient’ power in the Wellcell for it to be used. Note: you can however charge the Wellcell for some period after the Green Light has gone off to get a longer run time. On a ‘full charge’ your Wellcell should run for 12+ hours. If you’re getting significantly less run-time, you may like to try using another USB charging device (a wall charger is usually the most effective) and ensure you charge the Wellcell for at least 1 hour at a time. Turning the Wellcell ON/OFF - To turn your Wellcell ON it’s an easy 1-stage process. Simply press and hold the clear ON/OFF Button in the middle of the Wellcell while the 4 side Indicator Lights turn from RED to GREEN. Once GREEN, release the ON/OFF Button and the Wellcell will be running. To turn the Wellcell OFF it’s a 2-stage process (to avoid accidentally being turned off during use). Press and hold the clear ON/OFF Button until the 4 side Indicator lights turn ORANGE, then release the ON/OFF Button and immediately Press and hold (for a second time) until the Lights turn to RED. Once RED, release the ON/OFF Button and the Wellcell will be OFF. Daily and Ongoing Usage - To be effectively using your Wellcell you should be carrying it with you every day for at least 12 hours a day (ideally more). There is no maximum usage, in theory you could use your Wellcell 22 hours a day (allowing 2 x 1 hour to charge the device). When carrying the Wellcell as a general rule it should be as close to you as possible, either in your pocket or tucked discretely into your clothing. Alternatively for convenience you may prefer to place it on your desk at work, or in your car while driving, or under your bed covers while sleeping (again the closer to you the better). In general, try and keep the lights on the Wellcell facing your body, as this will provide the strongest exposure (however not vital as the healing Wellcell light frequencies are emitted in all directions from the device). Completing a Treatment File – Each Wellcell Treatment file after your initial 8 short treatments, your download will run on your Wellcell for approximately 400 hours before completing at which time the next Treatment File should be downloaded to continue your therapy. Whenever a Treatment File completes, the 4 side Indicator Lights will start to flash ON/OFF RED/GREEN. As soon as you seen this, you should Request and Download your next Treatment File (repeat steps 4 & 5 above). With effective usage you should be completing and updating your Wellcell treatment file every 3-4 weeks. 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