Operating Instructions To start the Wellcell hold the clear button down until the lights go red then green and then release. You should then have a constant colour. When the lights go out (Battery flat) plug in your Wellcell into the charger with the cord supplied. While charging the on/off clear button will illuminate green. When this light goes off your Wellcell is fully charged. The battery fully charged should last for between 8-10 hours and takes one hour to charge. When the Wellcell starts flashing Red & Green then you need to post it back to us for your next treatment to be loaded into your Wellcell. Treatment time loaded in the Wellcell is between 367-800 hours depending on what ailment we are treating. You need to carry your Wellcell in your pocket or some women will place it in their bra. Charge before going to bed at night and put the Wellcell beside you in bed or on a side table. Try and use your Wellcell 24/7 so that you get through the treatment ASP ready for the next loading. Our address is 20311/61 St Ledger Way, Ascot, Qld 4007.