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Wellcell is the state of the art electronic wellness wearable. Get energised, control stress and enjoy wellness on a different level
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Wellcell could see that the future in medicine was digital. Not the way you would think with doctors writing drug prescriptions, but using computer technologies to sequence light frequencies. Wellcell has seized this development opportunity to develop a powerful wearable frequency generator and software that enables anyone to easily order and download therapies each month on the cloud hosting service. Nowadays, Wellcell has become a worldwide popular and professional natural therapy wellness company.
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Wellcell is a revolutionary and innovative way to get well and stay well. It takes time to get unwell, and to get well it takes time and effort to improve the intrinsic functions of the bodily functions. We are dedicated to offering customers best, specific frequencies and cost effective solutions.
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Celebrating 20 years.
In the late1990s, racing enthusiast and businessman Ron Hedgeman saw an opportunity to improve the
racehorse performance by introducing special light frequencies to horses' diet. Already heavily involved within
the health industry, Ron put together a plan to produce special equine light frequencies, building the first
Wellcell specially developed for treating race horses in his own factory in Auckland, New Zealand.
At this time Ron met Eagle Farm horse trainer Brian Smith who was already a personal client of his and was
running a small training operation at that time in NSW. Brian’s health got better using his Wellcell and
immediately the pair started experimenting on his horse stable. Soon after, Brian’s strike rate improved
substantially. Ron has developed in the last 20 years over 250 million light frequencies and developed a new
operating system. The two men shared a common goal. They wanted to take the guesswork out of horse
wellness by providing trainers and horse owners with a range of horse light frequencies that were electronically
formulated and in their words “provided everything in the bag”.
Ron used radical new techniques to formulate complete light frequencies, including the development of horse-
specific delivery systems to the cells, the analysis of energy pathways and the understanding of the interaction
and metabolism of light with vitamins and minerals through the horse's digestive system.
Although research has resulted in countless new innovations over the decades, many of the original
formulations have not been bettered and still form part of each therapy today. The rapid acceptance of our
Wellcell therapy was driven by the success our customers are enjoying on the race track.
Over the following 10 years, the Wellcell factory, now located in Nundah, was
expanded to meet the growing demand and a new state-of-the-art computerised Pick
& Place was installed to ensure that the highest possible quality standards were
Our staff take great pride in installing every Wellcell in a horse box that leaves the
factory and they eagerly follow the success of the trainers winning strike rate.
Wellcell staff have confidence in increasing individual trainers S/R by a minimum of
25% guaranteed.